Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'm overly excited about my laptop's new battery. It really is fantastic, though. Lulu had chorus practice last night, and for two hours I was able to work in the rehearsal hall instead of messing around on Twitter or playing Angry Birds on my phone. It was fantastic!

The old battery used to die after about ten minutes, but the new one is still running strong now, even though it hasn't been plugged in since last night. I feel liberated!

I had to run a few errands before I got to relax and work on the MS at chorus practice. I'd been out to the stores TWICE since Lulu told me she needed a report cover for her poetry class, and forgotten to pick one up both times. Now I'm more than covered (ha ha, get it?).

I went by Office Depot for the third Tuesday in a row (how sad is that?), and I've obviously become a "regular" since the store manager recognized me, and the cashier went out of her way to point out the report covers on the clearance rack when I attempted to buy some at full price. It saved me $4, and the covers I got were the "deluxe" version. Oooh! Textured! When you run your fingernails across the back cover, you can pretend you play the washboard in a jug band!

I'm still editing, third round, and when I get to the end I have to re-read one more time before I send it out to the betas. I'm particularly excited about sharing it with the agent who currently has my full manuscript for book one (Dragon Hunter). If she likes book one, she'll probably be glad to know that book two is waiting in the wings. If she hates book one, she'll just have more stuff to add to the bonfire. It's a win-win!

It's supposed to snow today, but only a few inches. It's been such a mild winter here. Two days ago, we were wearing shorts, and then we have snow. At least its not Snowmageddon. I could go the rest of my life without another one of those. The kids had to go to school anyway, but I'm sitting around checking the school website to make sure they're not coming home early. Wait and see...

I'm psyching myself up for tomorrow. It's Girl Scout Cookie pickup day. Our troop sold 256 CASES of cookies. We need my truck, the troop leader's SUV, and another dad's van to bring them all home. Then it's four hours of sorting and waiting for all the girls to come take them away from the leader's garage. Big fun, but at least it only takes the one day. Then comes the even more frustrating part: trying to deliver all the orders to everyone we sold the cookies to. You'd be surprised how many people place an order, and then do everything in their power to avoid being home when you try to deliver and collect payment. There's one house in our neighborhood where I don't even bother taking Lulu to sell anymore, because two years in a row they ignored repeated phone calls to schedule a delivery time. If you don't want the cookies, please just don't order them! It's not nice to tease 11-year-old girls.

So the daily update:

Words: 97,171
Pages: 311
Edit page: 166

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