Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Making the switch from LJ

So, I've been writing over at LiveJournal for a relatively long time, and I'm trying Blogger out for a while. I'm nervous about switching, because I don't want to abandon all my old posts over there. However, I'm interested to see if this platform is a little easier/better/whatever other superlative comes to mind.

So far, I like the layout and format over here. It's easy to use, but then again so is LJ. I've decided to go ahead and write a few of my daily updates here to see if we can't get used to it.

Practical distractions today:

1. My new laptop battery is awesome. I've not been able to unplug and take the computer anywhere for like six months, because the old battery would die after ten minutes. If I needed to print something, it became a suicide dash down the stairs to the office to get everything printed before the computer completely croaked. I unplugged yesterday at 4:17 pm, gave up and went to bed at 11:05, and when I got up this morning, I still had 26% battery life! Awesome Power! Literally! (at this moment it's still at 26%!)

2. Because I am now free to roam the house with my computer again, of course I've been planted in the same damn chair where the power cord is plugged in. Well, I took it downstairs to watch Jeopardy! last night with Tim, but I came right back. And Jeopardy! is apparently misspelled if you leave off the exclamation mark. I should know, since both my husband and I are past Jeopardy! champs.

3. I'm itching to start book 3 now, since book 1 is done, and I'm working second-round edits on 2. But every time I start looking at book 1 again, I want to cry, go back and edit it again. At this rate, I'll bounce back and forth between the first two books, re-editing until the end of the universe.

4. I've discovered I spend way too much time reading Twitter.

Finally, if you've ever seen my LJ updates, they are basically a writing journal I've been keeping, updating my daily progress. I guess that's pretty boring for anyone but the writer writing them. To me, they are a road map through the insanity that got me to the end of each novel. To a casual passer-by, they are probably as dull as dishwater, aside from the occasional bit of insanity thrown in to keep myself on my toes.

At the end of each of those posts, I'd list my daily progress in this format:

Words: (current number of words in the novel I'm working on)
Pages: (for those who find this is a more accurate measure of writing, although I can't imagine why anyone would)
And when I'm editing, I list:
Edit Page: (which reminds me how far I am through the current cycle of darling-murdering)

So, since I really should get to work today, here's the end of it. (And the battery's down to 20%! Go Antivirus program, you battery power consumption hog!)

Words: 96,787
Pages: 310
Edit Page: 96

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