Saturday, February 11, 2012

Edity-wedity, or "Nanananabooboo"

*sticks tongue out at manuscript* Finished you, you jerk. So today I can read through it once for "pleasure". Yeah, right. As if reading through the same thing for the fifth time in three weeks could possibly be pleasurable! Well, it should be nicer this time through, with fewer stops for corrections (well, hopefully NO stops for corrections). The worst thing you hope to encounter by this round of edits is an extra space where it shouldn't be, or possibly a comma that needs to come out or be put in. Other than the very minor mechanical stuff, this baby should be ready to head out the door.

I hope it is, anyway.

I really want to change the line in my query letter that says "I am currently writing a second novel based on these characters." I want it to say, "I have written a second novel based on these characters. It is also available for review." Or something like that. I'll have to edit that for a while before I actually send it out. ;-P

And so there you go.

We were supposed to go out delivering Girl Scout cookies today, but it's snaining. Snowing and raining at the same time. The weather can't make up its mind. I think it's mostly snow at this point, but it's kind of icy and slippery out there. Not exactly fun when you've got to carry boxes of cookies up and down hills. I'm not risking my life or my ankles for cookies. Not gonna happen.

Tim stayed home last night, because he was worried he'd get iced in at work, and then he came down with a headache, so he's not even much fun to have around the house. I like it when he takes off work for weather rather than illness, because it's like a mini-vacation. When he's sick, it's just like any other day, and he may as well not even be around. :-(

And that's about it. We were supposed to get actual snow, and it is still coming down out there. We'll see what happens with it. Will it be enough to go sledding? Or will we have to actually shovel the driveway this time? So far, no and no.

I'm going off to blow raspberries at my MS. Have a great day, everyone!

*PS: I forgot to add this:

Words: 98,166
Pages: 114

*PPS: Lulu was just watching Spongebob, and asked me what Gordon Ramsay would think of the Chum Bucket. I replied that he would hate it. Does this mean we watch too much Kitchen Nightmares? We have been kind of addicted to it lately. That and reruns of ancient Family Feud episodes. Survey Says? At least we've stopped watching the Mexican version of Family Feud on Univision. None of us speak Spanish, but how can you resist a show called 100 Mexicanos Dijeron? La inquesta dice?

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