Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So much to do, so little time.

I've spent quite a bit of time today trying to figure out how to get everything done before we leave Friday for the Girl Scout camping trip. Yes, we're taking 16 girls camping in February. It'll be fun! At least we're staying in a lodge, and not in tents. It would be a little cold, otherwise. We have to prepare the decorations and activities for the father/daughter dance we're hosting for the whole county in just a few weeks, so locking them all together in a building in the woods seemed to be a good way to get everything done.

In the mean time, I just started writing a new book, so I'm trying to get as much plot as possible, to write as many pages as possible, before I'll be sans computer for three whole days. Three days with no computer! I'm choking a bit just thinking about it.

I've also got to pack for me and Lulu, and deliver another hundred or so boxes of Girl Scout cookies before we leave. I'm cringing just thinking about it. So when am I supposed to get all this done, in the next 48 hours? Gak. Choke. I'm gonna grab some cookies. If I eat all the cookies, I won't have to deliver them, right?

I did finally manage to get some stuff written on the new book last night, after cookie deliveries and errand running.

Words: 1,707
Pages: 7

Lotsa sevens!

I sat at Lulu's chorus practice last night, unable to write because I was horrifyingly distracted by their repeated rehearsal of "Stupid Cupid." I guess it was a good choice for Valentine's Day, but three times in a row is enough. More than that is just overkill. Yikes.

My new slippers.
And I got new slipper socks. I promise to take better care of them than I did my Halloween slipper socks. I promise not to wear them outside on the driveway, or anything stupid like that. These will have to last until Target brings back the Halloween version this fall. I managed to disintegrate both pairs I bought last year, so I swear to be nicer to these. They're just too cute! And super cozy.

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