Thursday, February 16, 2012

Of my own making

My latest series of catastrophes is completely of my own making. I forgot to give my husband something to take by a friend's house (the friend lives 27 miles away, but only half a mile from Tim's job, so it's convenient to make him my errand boy). Now I have to remember to give it to him to take tomorrow. Gak.

If that's not bad enough, I packed Lulu's lunch this morning, took her to the bus stop, came home, and found the damned lunch sitting on the counter. The kid's in 6th grade, so I've been doing this for a good long while now. This is the first time in the history of her education that I forgot to put the lunch in her backpack. Not a bad record, but still, it makes me think my brain's starting to go soft.

Maybe it's the cat's fault. After all, he did sleep on my legs all night. Maybe that affected my sleep somehow.
I have a king sized bed. Most nights, Tim's at work, so I'm all alone in the gigantic bed. Morgan doesn't think he should have to stretch out and relax on that vast field of blankets. No. He prefers my lumpy legs. Two days in a row now I've awakened with cramps in my legs from the cat using me as a nest. Even worse: I spent two days last year making him a soft, cozy cat bed. I learned to use my serger by constructing a durable, attractive, and comfortable cat bed. Instead, he curls up on me. I guess I really shouldn't complain. At least he likes me.

Maybe that's his way of showing his appreciation for the cat bed. "Thanks mom, I love the cat bed you made for me, so I'll demonstrate my love by ignoring the cat bed and sleeping on you more often."

And the countdown to my computer-free weekend is started. I have just under thirty hours to go before I have to leave Nero behind and huddle in the frozen woods the rest of the weekend. (yes, my computer is called Nero. Don't you name all your electronics? I suppose that's a post for another day.)

I still have to:
1. Get to the grocery store
2. Deliver the forgotten lunch to school
3. Pack for both myself and Lulu
4. get gas for the monster truck (aka Little Red. You name your cars, too, right?)
5. attend the Honor Roll assembly at school tomorrow
6. launder sleeping bags

Huh, I thought there was more stuff to do. I suppose there is more to do, since I left of WRITING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE BEFORE I HAVE TO LEAVE. I hate leaving when I'm just framing the plot for the new book. It's torture! I can take notes while I'm away, but I won't be able to really work on the story, and it's killing me. I'll have to get over it. I'll only be gone 48 hours or so, but it's still hard.

Funny: Who knew I'd ever get all whiny about NOT being able to work on a weekend? HA!

Words: 3,945
Pages: 14

Doing well, but it's still chapter 1. Hopefully I'll actually have a writing update to post tomorrow... Off to the races now.

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