Thursday, February 9, 2012

Snow and Cookies

We had snow yesterday. Probably about an inch. It'll be gone by lunch time. Ah, bizarro winter! You're so much less bother than Snowmageddon was! Since the whistle pig says you'll be sticking around for six more weeks, I guess I can't really complain if this is the worst you've got for us.

My only actual complaint about this winter is the lake never froze. No ice skating, no hockey, and no walking across to visit friends on the other side. We have to drive around to see them. It takes all of five minutes, instead of thirty seconds. Oh, well.

It's not going to be a great editing day. I've already been through about ten pages this morning, trying to get a jump on things. We have to go pick up our troop Girl Scout Cookie order this afternoon, and then I'll spend the rest of the day sorting and delivering. Ugh. But yum! Cookies!
In case you've never seen 256 cases of cookies all at once, I'll post pictures later. After I learn how to post pictures on Blogger.

Some funny stuff happened yesterday, and while it was going on, I thought, "I'll write about this stuff tomorrow." Yeah, right. If I could remember any of it now, it would be a miracle. Isn't that typical? The only thing I really remember is laughing about something hysterically funny yesterday.

For some reason, when Tim comes home from work now, he puts the TV on and watches ancient game show reruns. He works the night shift, and he's usually home by 9:15 or 9:30 in the morning. There's really not a lot to watch on TV at that time of day, and after he catches up on whatever he's got on the TiVo, he flips around while he finishes his breakfast/dinner. We usually watch the previous night's Daily Show, or whatever else happened to record. But it's on hiatus this week, so we've had to improvise.

We've been watching Family Feud, Card Sharks, and The Match Game. Thank you GSN, for the bizarre flashback to the late 70's and early 1980's.

So, I've only got an hour or so before he gets home and turns the TV on again. I'd better get cracking before I'm distracted by the train wreck of polyester butterfly collars and Farrah hairdos.

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