Friday, February 24, 2012

Two days in a row.

Two days in a row without a significant accumulation of new words on the page. And I didn't even blog yesterday. I was busy. But today, the weather has conspired against me. It rained, so I can't work on the deck. You can't stain wet wood. We're supposed to have 60 mph gusts of wind today, so I figure the whole house will get a good blow-drying and we'll be able to get back to work tomorrow outside. But tomorrow we have our first Girl Scout cookie booth at the grocery store. If you're near New Market, MD and you need cookies, come on out from 3-6 to the Food Lion and support the troop.

I also took my old desktop computer down to a friend for fixing. The hard drive died, and he's going to swap it out for a functional one. Finally I won't feel guilty hogging the laptop while I write. The happy side effect of having to deliver the computer: I got to go out to lunch! We had yummy Asian food, dumplings and bihong.

I managed to paint/stain half the deck railing, but now I have to deal with all the fiddly little posts that hold the railing up. What a PAIN! When they dry, those buggers are going DOWN! I've only got one day left with my helper monkey before he has to go back to work, and then I'll be stuck doing most of the work myself, so I am really mad at the weather for being all wet today. The helper monkey is lying on the couch at the moment, watching old reruns of game shows. Not the best use of our time, really, but fun.

I managed to edit the previous chapter I wrote the other day, and made it a little better, but I'm just having such a hard time getting this story to congeal. I think part of it was taking a long weekend off when I went camping, and then being distracted by all the work around the house this week. It's been a bad kind of week for writing. Tim's been off work, and I feel sort of obligated to spend some time with him during his vacation. All this stuff is conspiring against me.

Words: 8,817 (remember, that's two days worth. Sad.)
Pages: 31

I'm hopefully going to get some real work done today. If worst comes to worst, I think I'll just take the laptop to the cookie booth with me. I can pretend I'm tracking cookie sales on it, and sit and hack away at it during lulls. We'll see how that works out...

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