I'm currently querying the first in a series of Urban Fantasy/Crime Thriller novels, titled (for now) Running Down the Dragon:

Thalia Drake of the U.S. Military's elite shapeshifter forces, and the world's last dragon, must stop a serial killer whose ultimate goal is exterminating shapeshifters. But stopping him means exposing the deadly secret she's hidden for thousands of years - her true identity. If she is unmasked, her own long life is as good as over.

The second novel in the series, Devil May Care, is currently undergoing editing, beta-ing, and critiquing. I'd put a blurb, but it would be a little spoilery for Running Down the Dragon, if you haven't read it yet. If you'd like me to email you the blurb, I'd be happy to! For now, this is what I can say about Devil May Care:

Just when Thalia thinks she has a chance to let her hair down, she learns that choices she made in the past might not have been as free of consequences as she initially hoped. One desperate act to save her family might just lead to a demonic apocalypse, unless she can repair the damage she unknowingly caused to the gateway that protected our world for millennia.

I'm about 60k words into the first draft of the third Thalia Drake story, with a working title of Black Sheep. Details to come when I have them! :D

My two original novels, Sanctuary and Sentinel, might be climbing out of their mothball prisons soon. I'm debating whether or not to rewrite them, now that I can write whole paragraphs without using a single adverb.