Sunday, March 25, 2012

Faerie Winter

There's a great contest on right now to win all of Janni Lee Simner's books! If you've never read them, and you like a good fantasy, they're a lot of fun! I read Bones of Faerie, the first book in the series, and the second book, Faerie Winter, is coming out April 10. Even if I'm not a winner in the contest, I'll be sure to read it.

I picked up Bones of Faerie when I worked at my daughter's elementary school library. I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of a dystopian futuristic world that had been brought around to a more primitive society because of an interdimensional war between Faerie and humanity. Fear and isolation drove the people to be suspicious of outsiders, magic, and anything out of the ordinary. The main character, Liza, finds out she is anything but ordinary, herself, and sets out to make things right between the worlds.

If you're interested in entering, too, here are the rules, also posted here.

The Rules

- Mention in a blog post, fb post, tweet, tumblr, and/or anywhere else online and publicly visible that Faerie Winter comes out in paperback on April 10 and that it's the sequel to Bones of Faerie (or, alternately, book 2 in the Bones of Faerie trilogy). If you want to say something more about either of the Faerie books, that'd be lovely, though not required.

- Link to the Faerie Winter website

- Come back to this post and link to the places you did both of the above

- (optional, for blog entries) Copy these rules (including this one :-)) to your post, and encourage your readers to enter this contest by doing all of the above in turn, and telling them to then to come back to your blog and link to their mention or mentions

- Deadline is April 20 (at midnight Pacific Daylight Time) and I'll ship anywhere.

Good luck, and enjoy!

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