Tuesday, March 6, 2012

37 pages to go

That's it. Just 37 more. I've been revising like a machine. Granted, before I started the revision, the novel was a full 20 pages shorter, but even with the inflated word count, I'm still on the home stretch now. Then a quick read-through and minor edit to fix all the little glitches, and we should be good to go. Again.

I'm convinced if I let the MS sit for another month, I'd come back and change it in other huge ways. But I really think I can't afford to keep adding new words. Even with 37 pages still to go, my word count has swollen to 104,741. That's a lotta dang words. And it will probably continue to grow. I'm really scared, since I started out at a comfortable 96,000.

I don't want an agent to see my 100k+ count and write me off based only on that. It's really painful.

And this is officially the Longest Thing I've Ever Written now. It beats out my first attempt at writing by nearly 2k. And I'm just getting to the Big Climactic Scene, which will have to change based on the changes I've already made. So, more words coming today. I can't wait to be done with this.

On a lighter note, ...huh. I was going to throw in some anecdote from regular life to prove I'm a real person who engages in normal human contact on a daily basis, but I've got nothing today. How sad is that? Like I said, I'm a revision machine.

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