Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Battle Against Boredom

It's the end of the Cookie Season for Girl Scouts around here, but our troop still has about 300 boxes to sell. This is the last weekend we're allowed to sell at grocery stores and the like, so we're out there in force in the hopes we won't get stuck with cases and cases of cookies. If we do, we'll obviously have to eat them, and that would be really bad...

So Lulu and I held a sale outside a cute little store near our house, but despite the gorgeous weather, foot traffic was sporadic, at best. To keep ourselves from getting too grumpy about it, we decided to play Camera Tag. This is a fun game, where one person dances and dodges around, while the other person tries to capture them in a photograph. We had mixed results, but we actually got a few good pictures.

I caught Lulu unblurred, and actually smiling!

Blurry, but at least I'm mostly in the shot.
We were also getting a little silly with self-portraits, and I'm debating whether or not to use one of these as my new profile pic.

You can almost see down my shirt in this one...Maybe not this one then...
The other strange thing I learned from Picture Tag was that spring is definitely back. During winter, I can keep my hair from frizzing out, and almost make it look wavy with enough conditioner and attention. This is why I hate the summer months, though. The only thing I'll be able to do with my hair for the next 6 months is this:

Oh, curly hair! You just do whatever the heck you want, don't you?

At least I won't have itchy shins at the same time. Humidity= Crazy Hair - dry skin. See, it's a math problem! I guess I can deal with it.

I was supposed to be working this morning, but I slept late. Now I have to head out to learn how to run a ballpark concession stand. I'll be back for dinner, but then my MS is going DOWN! *does the little "I see you" gesture at the unruly MS*.

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