Monday, March 12, 2012

Done and Done

I just (well, about an hour ago) finished the edit of the revision of the novel. It's amazing how much baggage I picked up during the revision. There were a few half sentences, without even a period at the end! How the heck does that even happen? Maybe the phone rang while I was typing, or the kid needed me to come running for something? Perplexing.

Otherwise, everything is done. Again. For the 49th time. Done.

Also done: I entered it into Janet Reid's "Liz Norris Pay It Forward" contest on her blog. I just finished in time. There are technically three days left to enter, but I wanted to be done with it by today. I've got a horribly busy rest-of-week, and I'm relieved to be done. Now I can get out and do the grocery shopping. We're down to soy sauce and egg noodles. Yikes!

I'm really getting sick of HAVING to do stuff. With all the stuff I've had to do lately, there hasn't been a lot of time for the things I want to do (like write, read, and clean the house). My house is starting to veer into Hoarders territory. I need to do some serious cleaning. But of course, that's way down on my list. I can't stand this time of year. Everything the kid is involved with seems to be gearing up for huge spring events. She's in the school play, getting ready for the chorus concert, loaded with Girl Scout activities from cookie sales to 100th anniversary events. Summer is starting to look busy, too. Ugh. I need a vacation.

I don't want to go anywhere. I just want a week where I get to sleep in every day, write for at least a few hours in peace and quiet, and then spend a few hours organizing the house. Maybe I can send Tim and Lulu on vacation, and I can stay home alone? It could work.

I'd better go balance the checkbook before I head out shopping. It really does feel good to be done (for this round, at least).

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