Saturday, March 10, 2012

Always with the distractions

I'm SO CLOSE to finishing my edit, but I'm being pulled in about fifty directions this week. I'll be thrilled if I manage to finish by Wednesday (so why am I wasting time writing a blog?).

I worked a cookie booth last night when the scheduled volunteer canceled at the last second, and I have to deliver and pick one up today. I work a four hour booth tomorrow. Then Tuesday AND Thursday I have training sessions for the two groups I volunteer with to learn how to man the concession stand at the local minor-league baseball team's stadium. We're running the concessions ALL SEASON, so I'm going to be attending an awful lot of baseball games. Go Frederick Keys!

And then next weekend? MORE COOKIE BOOTHS! GAH! Does someone want to buy 800 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies so we can cancel the rest of the booths? I'd be much obliged.

And all this running around means I'm gassing up Little Red far too often. What possessed me to buy a vehicle that gets 14 mpg? Oh, right. I needed to haul a lot of crap around, like Girl Scout cookies.

Anyway, back to work. I'm getting so close to the end, I can smell it. It smells like victory.

And still, for the first time ever, I'm reading a draft of something I wrote and thinking, "Hey, this is pretty good." I swear, I've never thought that before, so hopefully I'm not suffering from brain damage from having edited and revised it too many times now. I hope it really is good this time! :)

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