Monday, April 30, 2012

Things come up

Sunday morning I sat down, plowed through the inbox, and sat down to finish reading Unraveling. I didn't have much left from the previous day, and I figured I'd get to work writing as soon as I finished it. But, things come up.

While I was sitting on the back porch with my kindle, enjoying the lovely weather and the page-turning final chapters, unbeknownst to me my phone was ringing back inside the house. I missed the call, obviously. But two hours later, I checked my messages when I sat down to write. HAHAHAHA! Life interfered.

In case you're not a follower of this lowly blog, I volunteer to raise money for my daughter's girl scout troop and the children's chorus by working a few shifts a week at the local minor league baseball team's home games. And they needed my amazing skills at pouring beer and running a cash register, because they'd sold more than a thousand tickets more than they'd originally predicted. Let's hear it for nice weather!

I got dressed and dashed across town to the stadium, where I proceeded to save the day. At least, I poured enough beer to make several dozen people happy. They'd be happier if it wasn't $7 a glass, but hey, I pour to the rim. Bonus time: I got to have a corn dog for dinner. I don't think I'd had one in twenty years. It was good for the first half, and then I remembered why I hadn't had one in 20 years. Deep fried corn bread is best in VERY SMALL doses. Bleh.

So I came home, showered the beer/grease/sticky off, and sat down to work. I didn't realize how much I actually did until this morning, though. I tweeted last night that I wrote less than I wanted but luckily more than nothing. Heh! Turns out I actually managed about 3500 words, and 11 pages. I'll say that's pretty good for a day I'd given up for lost.

I meant to take a picture at the game, maybe of the crazy-long lines we had to deal with, or even the scoreboard when the home team totally tanked. In all the hubbub, I sort of forgot I had my phone in my pocket. I also sorta didn't want to stick my hand in my pocket with beer fingers. So no pretty pictures today.

I am going to write now. Toodles!

Words: 36,530
Pages: 121

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