Saturday, April 14, 2012

I must not be writing enough...

The weird dreams are baaa-aaack.

Either I haven't been writing enough, or I slept too long today. Since I've only been up for about ten minutes, I'd go with option two. Option one is something I won't touch, yet. I plan to write a lot today. Starting with my bizarro dream.

Here goes: I dreamt that Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer showed up at a strange camp/hotel I was at. There was a lot of strange stuff going on (most of which I can't remember, since it was secondary). There was a tent set up as a store/restaurant, and a ton of people I don't know walking around and doing strange stuff. Hardly anyone seemed to notice Neil or Amanda, either. Weird.

My daughter and I noticed them, and welcomed them to the camp. We apologized for the state of disarray the place was in, and they were really good sports about it. We took them to lunch. We walked around Coconut Grove, Florida. (side note: I went to high school in Coconut Grove, and somehow a lot of my dreams center around some idealized, alternatate-reality version of the town).

After we ate, I ran around doing a bunch of weird stuff, and kept running into them again and again. There was some sort of giant log cabin building, some spooky old house or hotel, and we wandered around through the crowded rooms for a while, saying hello to all the strange people we found there. We had a few lovely chats, which ended with Amanda inviting me to have coffee with her in New York next weekend. I accepted the offer, and said we could get tickets to a play, too. Then they drove off, and I woke up.

There was a LOT of other stuff going on here, but I can't remember what else we did.

So, when I start having these kind of dreams, dreams that are very realistic that I remember in such great detail, it usually means I've been slacking off on the writing. No matter what else happens today, I MUST write. Because I don't think Neil and Amanda would approve of repeatedly showing up in my lame-ass dreams. I think they have better things to do. Though I am tempted to slack off next weekend to see if their offer of a cup of coffee still stands...

I wrote only a few hundred new words yesterday. Completely depressing. I'm not even going to track it here, for fear of demoralization. The kid and I ended up watching movies last night, but it was nice to hang out with her for a while. It was sort of a reward for her, since she made honor roll at school and brought home her perfect report card yesterday. Too bad she couldn't come into my dream and meet Neil Gaiman, though. She loves Coraline! :)


  1. This made me "LOL".Perhaps you can use the dream content as some "novel inspiration"?

  2. Trust me, it would have made a lousy novel. It was a highly entertaining, though confusing dream, though.


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