Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I survived the MVA

For those who live in any state other than Maryland, that title would probably read, "I survived the DMV." But oh, no. Maryland's got to have the Motor Vehicle Administration. Either way, it's always a pain when it's time to renew your license.

The worst thing was I forgot to bring a book. Luckily I found enough distraction on Twitter to keep me from going nutso while I waited. To be fair, we only really waited for about half an hour, anyway. The Helper Monkey needed his license renewed by mid-June, so he came along and took care of it at the same time. He was reading on my kindle, and I can't find the paperback I started a few weeks ago and misplaced somewhere, but I'm going to dig it out tonight, and I promise to sit down and read it now.

I usually hate my license photo (doesn't everyone?). They didn't do too bad a job this time, and I'm only marginally undead looking, which is pretty good when you consider I'm so pale I practically glow in the dark.

Me, all corpsey and smirking about it

So then we headed out to the mall to get a pretzel, and to check the Barnes and Noble to be sure Liz Norris's UNRAVELING was shelved in the correct section of the store. Apparently there was a mix-up in the computerized inventory list for the novel, and it was accidentally being shelved in the children's section in some stores. Yikes! But everything here was hunky-dory:

Unraveling is in the center of the third shelf from the bottom. You should read it, by the way. It grabs you up and won't put you down until the last page!
Once we assured ourselves that everything was satisfactory, we decided to walk around the mall for a few minutes, since we'd bothered to drive all the way over there. We walked past Pac-Sun, and heard something surreal. They were playing an XTC song on the radio, The Mayor of Simpleton, from which we derived one of the cat's nicknames, the mayor of stinkleton. It's a great little song, but it might be the first time I've ever heard an XTC song at the mall. We actually stopped in front of the shop and listened to the song. We are such dorks.

Then we came home. Big fun! But due to the wheels of bureaucracy crushing me down today, I haven't actually written any new words. I wrote a few last night, but I'm looking forward to the 3 hours of chorus practice this evening, during which I'll write up a storm. Hopefully.

Back to the races! But at least we're down to the last five weeks of school. *aaaaaaahhhh* (that should read like choirs of angels singing, by the way).

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