Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The big lumpy thing under my hat. AKA: Squee! I'm a Finalist!

Wowie wowzers! I'm a finalist! You are? Yes, yes I am! *insert maniacal laughter* I can't even believe it. But there it is. See? It's right there--->

When Janet Reid emailed me to notify me of my finalist status, I thought there must be some mistake. There was no way my silly little novel would be a finalist in anything. I had an attack of the vapors, eventually recovered, and decided to play along with the pleasant delusion. I sent off the list of answers to the Finalist Questions, and tried like heck to forget about it. Maybe if I played along and kept reading about the other finalists, and their amazing novels, I'd come to my senses. I doubted it until the second I saw the post online with my name on it next to Finalist Number 4. In fact, I still don't really believe it.

When it posted this morning, I was actually at my daughter's school. I showed her the post when she walked by me trying to pretend she didn't know me. It actually merited a thumbs up and a smile. From a pre-teen girl in front of her friends! Wow! Now I'm Really Someone!

I was a chaperone on the drama class field trip to the local high school. We saw "Once Upon A Mattress." All through the play, I fidgeted. It was a great production, and I totally loved it. Other than the fact I was dying to stand up and shout the entire time.

The Helper Monkey works night shift, so he's all tucked away sleeping now. I'll have to squee at him when he gets up. In the mean time, thanks for all the great comments! This has completely made my day! :)

Thank you!


  1. Hey, you also deserve a thumbs up for selecting "Perfume" for the book you wish you could have written. I mean, that book is freaking amazing, and the end is soooo twisted! I read it when I was 17 and I *loved it*. Also, the movie adaptation is beautifully executed.
    I wish the best of luck to you!

  2. Congratulations, again! We're all so excited to see a name we recognize in the finals! Its like we're part of the IN crowd now! lol ;-)

    Anyway, I for one will be living vicariously through you, and alongside you as these next few days tick down to the final announcement! You're not at all alone in the anticipation - you've got a little group of peer-query-critiquers cheering you on! GOOOOOOOO MITTENS!

  3. THAT IS AMAZING!!!! So proud of you. You deserve it!


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