Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cavalcade of Reserach...unfortunately none of it for the actual writing

I've spent a lot of time in the last day or so compiling the list of agents I'm querying, researching their agencies, their client lists, the genres they like, and the ones they're absolutely sick to death of at the moment. It's been a slog. But I'm done with this current batch. Maybe I'll send out some more next week. There was nothing else to do in the "big deep breath" moments after the Liz Norris contest. Now it's back to normal life.

One fun thing we've done was attend the middle school theater class performance last night. Lulu played "Worker #1" in a play loosely based on three fairy tales. The tales were turned on their heads, with the "princess" characters standing up to the bad guy for themselves, while the "handsome prince" characters stood by and watched. It was a lot of fun. Aside from Lulu's riveting seven lines of dialogue, the best part was the fairy godmother, played by a boy. It was hysterical!

Lulu, in the center, with both arms over her head, taking her bow.

The Progress-o-Meter shows just how busy I've been not writing. I plan to remedy that in the next few days. But then that's always the plan. Sometimes the plan doesn't work out. We'll see.

It's technically my night off, but I've been not-writing so much today, I'm spending the next two hours at the keyboard. NOT on The Internets. Hopefully.

Words: 33,098
Pages: 110

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