Thursday, June 21, 2012

Twitter...Is Missing!

Quick question: How do you complain to a wide audience that Twitter is down when...Twitter is down?

And not just down. I tried accessing it on every device and browser in the house, and nothing! Twitter?!


***Edit: Okay. Who broke Twitter? *foot tapping, combined with Mommy Glare*

I mean it. Who is responsible for this? You know what this means? I actually have to get back to work now. *continued tapping and glaring, with no discernible effect on the situation*

***Second Edit: How ironic is it that Twitter announced its problem on Tumblr


  1. How do you announce it? Well, Facebook is the obvious, but boring, answer. So I'm going to have to say flash mob.

  2. I know! My first instinct was to Tweet about it! *facepalm*


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