Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back to the beginning, with better notes this time.

Between being on pseudo-vacation this week, and numerous tiny but time consuming chores, I haven't really been writing. Sigh, once again. This is becoming an all-too-frequent refrain around here. It's starting to sound a little whiny.

Hark! What's that yonder? *squint really hard at the horizon*

It's a PROPER edit/crit of my first manuscript! Wait...oh no! It's too much! It burns! Aaaah!

Cue much flailing and wailing and gnashing and rending. /END that silliness, pull on Big Girl Pants

Now that I've recovered from the shock that my writing isn't 100% clear and perfect (I know, right?), I have renewed purpose. I'm bowing out of the #B22K exercises for a bit. I might keep writing the WIP, but for now, the primary goal is to get book one up to snuff before finishing book three. It only makes sense.

In the mean time, I will keep writing. I can't really help myself at this point, even if it is just a few hundred words a day.

Also, I'm wondering what to do about the submissions I have out at the moment. Book One is in the hands of people with the power to make my dreams of publication come true, but now I'm terrified they aren't seeing the story at its best. Do I email them and ask for a chance to resubmit after the edits are complete? Or is that wishy-washy?

I know I'm frequently wishy-washy, so I'm not afraid of that. I just want to know what agents/editors might think of such a request. Any ideas/suggestions? Thank you all! :)


  1. How long ago did you send these submissions?

    What do they have? Partial, full etc?

    No gnashing! We're rebuilding you, stronger, faster! I guarantee that your second MS is stronger than this one already, just because of practice. My second is better than the first, my third better than them all. As we write, we get better. :)

  2. One sub I sent about two days ago, and the other went out about a month ago. Both are fulls.

    I know the second is better than this one. Well, everything but the ending. I worry it's kind of a let-down after the rest of the action in the story. But I'll wait and see until we deal with the first one here.

  3. Yes - wait and see what they say before freaking out.

    Make the changes to a DIFFERENT copy of the MS, in case one of the subs gets accepted. BUT keep making changes that you think are better to the other copy. That way, if they say no, you haven't lost any time.

    If they say yes, then maybe it's unneeded, but maybe they might suggest changes you've already done.

  4. My thinking exactly. I'm going back to work! :)


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