Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Long and Winding Road, or how my 11-year-old knows more Beatles songs than I do

The Helper Monkey found this cool graphic online this morning.

by Viktor Hurtz

And yes, it's worth blowing up to gigantic proportions like this. Each image is the title of a Beatles song. How many can you guess?

Well, today I learned that my kid can guess more of them than I can. She's 11. Which makes me proud, and a little sad. I stink with names/titles/etc. I can sing the tune that goes with most of the images, but getting the title right escapes me sometimes. But I knew Lulu would be a champ at this. She's in her room right now, in fact, listening to the Beatles. They're her favorite band of all time. Well, them and U2. I will accept your congratulations on this fact right now. No Justin Bieber in this house! :)

After five minutes on research into this image, though, I discovered the artist is running a Funded by Me campaign to get his posters printed. If you have $30 to spare and a love of good music, please check them out. They are amazing! He has different bands to pick from, everything from Elvis to Iggy Pop. He's only raised $610 of his $3500 goal, so go check it out. If I didn't already blow this month's budget by fixing Helper Monkey's Jeep, and blow next month's budget shopping for a new TV, I'd sign up for one of these in a hot second. (also, Lulu's birthday is next month, so for friends and family scratching their heads, this might be a great gift idea, wink wink nudge nudge. Oh, she also wants a Fez, because "Fezzes are cool," according to Doctor Who.)

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  1. The Beatles aren't my favourite band (blaspheny I know), so I could only name half a dozen. But I have to congratulate you on banning Bieber and co from your house.


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