Monday, June 11, 2012

Something Fun

Thanks to T.Z. Wallace, I have something fun to do while my feet recover. Well, something fun other than work on my writing... which I swear I'm getting to soon. I got my ice cream, the house is quiet (other than the tv) since Lulu is at a friend's for the night, and I swore I would get writing tonight. It will happen, just as soon as I fulfill my obligations here.

I'm not sure I follow seven blogs that haven't already participated in this award, but if you follow me and you haven't already done this, feel free to take the mantle upon yourselves with my blessing.

The first duty of the Versatile Blogger is to list seven things about themselves you might not have known before. This will be difficult, because I basically spew everything that comes into my head out on to paper or pixels somewhere or another. I'll take a stab at it anyway... here goes.

1. I'm hopelessly addicted to Dr. Pepper.

2. I'm also hopelessly addicted to any tv show about crime and the solving of said crime.

3. I tend to go on book buying binges, downloading or otherwise ordering about ten books at a time. Then it takes me six months to read them all before I repeat the craziness.

4. I love to cook, but between Helper Monkey and Lulu, I'm limited to about three things that everyone in the house actually likes, so I end up making a lot of spaghetti.

5. There is a bear on the loose in my neighborhood over the last day or two. I hope they don't shoot it, but this is not a normal occurrence. It's been freaking me out.

6. I tend to say whatever comes into my head. And I have a strange, snarky sense of humor that I've recently discovered is not appreciated as widely as I thought it was.

7. I'm not good at holding my tongue. It regularly gets me into trouble.

So there you have it. My second duty was to forward this on to seven other bloggers, but as I've said, I'm not sure anyone I follow hasn't already participated. If you want to participate, please leave a link in the comments below to your post of seven fabulous facts about yourself! Enjoy!

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