Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beige: It's What's for Dinner, or #WVTP Whiplash

I've been following The Writer's Voice Twitter Pitch today, and didn't garner any requests. After six hours of reading the amazing 140 character pitches (well, 135 when you account for the hashtag, #WVTP), I was amazed at the variety of ideas. I did learn a valuable lesson, though.

Lesson: It's really hard to boil your entire novel down into a single coherent sentence that still has the power to hook a reader without leaving them with a confused, open-mouthed, glazed-over expression.

I tried a handful of different pitches. I followed along for six hours. I didn't write a single darn word all day long.

For some reason, all that adrenaline-fueled tweet reading sapped any desire I had to cook a visually stimulating dinner. It all tasted good, but I didn't realize until I piled everything on to plates just how....monochromatic everything turned out.

  • noodles are beige
  • sauteed chicken is beige, even when you do it in a white wine sauce with flavorful seasonings, it's still freaking beige.
  • when sauteed, yellow squash is mostly beige
  • baby bella mushrooms are beige
  • onions are beige
So. Ugly, albeit tasty. And that sort of defines the entire day.

I did get some actual work done. Not writing, but workity-work, the kind that pays $$$, so that's a good thing. I WILL have time to write tonight. I will I will I will.

Other things I found interesting on the WVTP:

  • TONS of other writers are writing about dragons. Dragons might be the next thing. You never know. I hope so.
  • At least one other person out there used my main character's name for their main character (Thalia)
  • There are some great, interesting Sci-Fi ideas out there. I would love to read some of this!
  • Forty-three berjillion people write YA.
  • The writing community is AWESOME! If I didn't write, and I met half the people who were online today, I would become a writer just so I could associate with y'all!

Thank you to all the organizers, agents, and writers who participated in the WVTP today. It was a lot of fun. Overwhelming, but definitely educational, and definitely fun.


  1. I'm pretty sure this is completely accurate: "Forty-three berjillion people write YA" Ha! On the rare times that I tried to hang out on the QueryTracker forum, I noticed that it was hugely dominated by YA queries!

    Good for you for trying out the Twitter Pitch party today!

    1. I've noticed the same thing. Most contests are full of YA entries. Sometimes I feel like the lone crazy person trying to publish a novel for adults!

      The original Writers Voice entries, for example: Of the 11 on Team Cupid, only ONE was for an adult novel!

      And the twitter pitch was fun, regardless of genre.


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