Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why you need a Helper Monkey.

No, you don't need an ACTUAL monkey, like this little guy (but isn't he cute?):

If you're a writer, you might even consider this one:

But, no. I meant my big Helper Monkey, which is what I call my husband. Let's be clear. He calls himself monkey because he's got arms like an orangutan. Don't bother asking if he can reach something. He can reach it. And he totally gets my writing life.

We were discussing the weekend plans, since Lulu is going camping. I was scheduled to chaperone the trip, but I'm not needed, so I get a whole weekend to work in a quiet house. Helper Monkey cheerfully suggested I'd have a lot of free time to write.

Since I just finished my draft on Tuesday, I replied that I'm finished writing. I planned to read for CP's instead.

His completely non-sarcastic and supportive reply: You're never finished writing.

It took all my strength not to throw the laptop down and tackle hug the man. He gets me. And I love that.

This is also how I feel about everyone I share my writing journey with. CP's, beta readers, twitter friends, blog readers. My heart grew three sizes this morning, and I'm all full of gushy love that needed to go somewhere so I could go back to being bitter and withdrawn.

Now it's yours. Go pass it on to your own helper monkeys. It's these little things that inspire me to keep going every day, so that I really never will be finished writing.

If you have a story like this, where a few simple words made you realize just how lucky you are, please share it. I'd love to have a big repository of squishy lurve to turn to when I'm feeling less writerly than I need to. Thank you!


  1. I have these squishy convos all the time. Yay for supportive husbands! *sigh*

  2. On nights I need to meet online with other writers at a designated time, he'll sometimes leave me the second half of the Subway sandwich he had for lunch so I won't have to worry about how to cook a "quick dinner."

    Hooray for Helper Monkeys!

    1. Sweet! Mine will often start dinner for me, or give me a pass without complaint and throw in a pizza or make soup or something. I love that. :)

  3. Aren't Helper Monkeys the bomb? And hey, mine has those freakishly long arms too.

    My HM has shopped for better desk chairs, made sure the apartment is clean so I won't stop writing, talked me through tough spots in a WIP, helped me choose which voice is speaking the loudest, actually got mad at me when I said I was shelving a particular series *for now*, encouraged me to get up and move, cooked dinner, and brags about his wife the writer. Oh, and will hand me a glass of wine when I talk to characters on the page as if they are real, telling me not to be so hard on them. LOL

    1. Huzzah for freakishly long arms! :D

      That is awesome, and I can just picture y'all sitting around having serious discussions about your imaginary friends. I love it!

  4. Good husband! Mine regularly says things like that :) He also has really long arms! He can do all sorts of neat things.

    1. I am loving all the long-armed helper monkeys out there! Hear that, ladies? Find a man that's already built like a monkey, and you're half way there!


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