Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Plans. Okay, Pants.

I was going to subtitle this post "Things within my power to actually bring to fruition in 2013" or something like that, but that's just too long and too silly. I don't usually make resolutions for the new year. I'm not very good at living up to unrealistic goals, and falling short (regardless of how absurd the goal might have been) leaves me feeling depressed and unable to appreciate everything I did achieve.

Plus, I am more of a pantser. I see a list of New Year's resolutions, and I wish I could be that organized. Then again, I start out every year with a general idea of where that year is headed. Sometimes I'm thrown a curveball, but it always seems to take me somewhere I'm pleased to go (like that year I decided to start writing novels. THAT came straight out of left field!). Resolutions look too much like outlines, and I think I'm allergic to those. They make me itch.

As a pantser, when it comes to writing, I always have a few specific goals for each new novel. I know generally what the antagonist is up to, what the main characters are going to go through, and the general outcome of all the individual story lines before I start writing. But that's it. Considering my pantsing style, I've decided to pants my way through some pseudo-resolutions for the first half of 2013.

 The first thing within my power to achieve this year is finally finishing the first draft of the current project. It's affectionately known as BS at the moment, which is how I've unaffectionately thought of it on and off for the last few months. We've had an on again-off again love affair, and right now I am feeling ON. Since I have nothing else to do, at least writing-wise, for the next two weeks, I figure that's just what I need to finally crank out the last 30k words or so. I feel like I've stalled out at 70k for way too long.

 Pedal FASTER!

When that draft is done, I plan to go back to the last MS I finished and do a final edit on it.

Third on the docket is a planned manuscript that's different from anything I've ever written before. I am excited to write it, but also terrified. First of all, it's a YA story, which I've never tried to write, despite my love of reading YA. It's also a sci-fi story, when everything I've written before is undeniably fantasy. It's going to be interesting. Hopefully in a good way.


I intend to get all of this done before school lets out for the summer. That's about as far in advance I can plan for now. If I make too many promises to myself, I will just get overwhelmed and then I'd never finish anything.

So those are my writing goals. As far as personal goals, I would like to get up out of this chair more often. I love that so many of you trust me with your manuscripts, and apparently appreciate my opinions. All of your trust has meant more time at the computer. While I adore the work, this has led me to consider such purchases as the Forever Comfy pillow. The fact that I'm even thinking a gel butt pillow would be a good idea means I really need to get some exercise. I'd rather buy gel insoles for my overworked feet than gel butt support for my overworked behind.

I hope y'all have some great plans for 2013. If any of you want to participate in the Finishing of the Draft with me, I officially start tomorrow. I'll probably cheat at start tonight, because that's how I roll. YOU CAN'T STOP ME, 2013!!!

Tell me about your goals! Do you have 2013 all outlined, or do you have a general roadmap?  Have you decided to throw caution to the wind and go where the pants take you?

Whatever your plans, I hope all of them come to pass in the most delightful manner possible! Now go forth and conquer!


  1. 2013. I'ma pants the CRAP out of this year! :D

  2. "this has led me to consider such purchases as the Forever Comfy pillow. The fact that I'm even thinking a gel butt pillow would be a good idea means I really need to get some exercise." I laughed at this - so me in 2012.

    I don't outline either. I obsess and then get nothing done. But I do have a few general goals - finish this WIP and get it in the trenches by February.


    Quit smoking.

    All done!


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