Monday, October 29, 2012

Rain, rain, go away.

So far Sandy hasn't succeeded in blowing us away.

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In fact, it isn't really windy at all. Just rainy. We're still holding on.

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Poor duckies!

I hope everyone in Sandy's way is all battened and hunkered. Good luck to you all.

I've got a big pot of chili and I've done just about everything possible to prepare. I've got my flashlights, lanterns, candles, and my weather radio. I've got a jacuzzi tub full of water, and two freezers full of ice. Both trucks are gassed up, and we're ready to use the fireplace if worse comes to worst. Have I forgotten anything? (before you answer, bear in mind I have plenty of cookies, twinkies, and candy. I have the ice cream on standby if the power goes out.)

Here's our current view of the lake. It's running a LOT higher than usual, and is as muddy as I've ever seen it. We've already had more than 4 inches of rain, and it all runs down into the lake. It's really a dammed river, so hopefully they'll be able to safely open the flood gates without flooding the lower-lying creeks and the Monocacy river downstream.

Seriously, everyone. I hope you're all holding up. Good luck to you all, and hopefully we'll all be here in the morning. Drop us a line and let me know you're still there! *clings to all my internetly friends* BE SAFE!


  1. Were fine down in GA. Hope you guys all stay safe! Everyone affected by the storm is in our thoughts...


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