Friday, October 19, 2012

Off Grid Update

It's been a crazy week. I put myself out there in a way I never thought I could. I'm now forever on the interwebs moving and talking about a novel I wrote. My Pitch Live entry made it to the agent round, but hasn't garnered any love (as of this time of this writing).

I'm also in the agent round of Hook, Line, and Sinker. Whooboy! It's all a little crazy around here with the contests and the everything else. I'll be a little relieved to lose the ability to obsessively check the internet every five seconds. I'm going camping. In the cold. :D

I am in the middle of a packing and gear-checking frenzy. Don't want to have a leaky tent in the near-freezing middle of the night.

Instead of writing this week, I ended up reading the highly entertaining @Fizzygrrl's manuscript. *pauses while you work through your jealousy* It took a whole day (like from 8 am until 2 in the morning), but it's a riot, of course!

And now I will not be able to write all weekend. I'm determined to have a little writer's retreat. Maybe I'll lock myself in the attic among all the outgrown toys and holiday decorations next week, and not come down until I have a complete first draft. On second thought, there's no bathroom up there. Maybe I'll just enact a cone of silence around my comfy chair. We'll see if that works. Updates to follow.

In the mean time, try to enjoy the internet without me. O_O

Anyone else doing something fun this weekend? Or writing?

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  1. I'm being sick. I thought today was SATURDAY so I could stay here and be sick in peace. But nooOOooo it's friday, so I have to mosey over to work. :( So those are my big plans. Hope you have a FABULOUS time:)


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