Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting ahead of myself again.

Oh, dear. I'm always getting ahead of myself.

First, I started writing a second series of novels before I'd finished the first. To be fair, that might not be getting ahead of myself. That's more like realizing I was running in the wrong direction. I turned around, and started a different series. The first series is now lying abandoned in an empty field somewhere. I'll go back and find it someday. Maybe It will be a glorious reunion filled with straining violins and weepy tears of joy. Or maybe it will provide hours of laughter. Either way, I will win.

Second, and more to the point of this post, I keep thinking of things I want to do in real life that tie in to my current WIP. Sure, if I ever find an agent and Thalia and company are published, I'm sure this is the sort of thing I would have to dive in to eventually. Right now, though? Why am I spending time and money on promotional tie-ins NOW? I think it's some sort of brain fever. Marketingitis.

What sort of fun and enticing promotions, you might ask? You might ask, but I'm not telling. Since I haven't actually gone through with any of them yet. I will, though, and then you will be like:

Animal Capshunz: You Woke Me Up for This?

So there. I'm not getting TOO far ahead of myself. Yet.

In other writerly news, I am happily caught up with edits/refreshing my memory on the WIP. I am also making NEW WORDS! :D


Words: 56,848
Pages: 177

So, not a LOT of new words yet, but it's been a busy few days around here (hence the dearth of new bloggity).

I am finally getting properly camp trained by the Girl Scouts. I know all this stuff already, but to be all legal and official, I have to go through the course. It was 6 hours of classwork on Sunday, and two days of actual camping in November. *let that sink in* November. Hopefully we'll have a mini-heat-wave that weekend.

Based on the class, I've decided to upgrade some of my old camping equipment. As a result, I went on a camping geek shopping spree the other day. The UPS guy will be delivering Camp Nirvana to my house today. It's kind of sad how excited I am about having a radio/flashlight/cell phone charger that runs on solar AND crank power. *stops and spends five minutes kermit-flailing* See? Sad.

So, what has you all kermit-flaily today? Had a great idea for a WIP? A banner day? Or did you just order some KILLER new camping supplies? Share your joy with me, but just don't get too far ahead of yourselves.

Errands to run, words to make, and coffee to drink.


  1. Much luck on the WIP and future marketing. You've got a lot of words down! What's the end goal?

    I never was a girl scout... I just ate their cookies. I also suck at camping, ha!

  2. Haha you have one of the t-shirts I found for MY marketing tie-in haha. So I shall not judge. I think things like that can give us the tiny boost we need to keep writing.

    1. I know. :D Like my last little tie-in project, with the badges. That's moved to the back burner for the moment, but the current idea is something I want to do and surprise the CP's. So I'm zipping the lips.

  3. I know all about getting ahead of myself. I have marketing ideas for my current WIP, plots for a half dozen other novels (plus short stories), and weekly plans for my own early retirement. I don't have much time to do any of it, however, so it remains mostly in my head. Though I fully expect to find a way to retire before next Tuesday.

    1. Ha! That is fantastic. I'll start planning your retirement party. :D


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