Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gratuitous Vacation Pictures

I had to do it. Here is a post filled with my favorite pictures from our trip to Savannah. Just so you know, traveling on a bus for ten hours with a bunch of teenaged girls isn't as bad as it sounds. Especially when they are the awesome girls of my Girl Scout service unit. :)

The girls participated in a Muster at Fort Jackson, and learned how to fire a cannon. The picture is blurry because the cannon made a HUGE BOOM

These turtle statues populated Tybee Island.
Here's Lulu with the turtle at the Tybee Island Marine Science Center. She lost those glasses in the surf just a few hours later. :(
Creepy Statue on our Ghost Walk. Supposedly, you can't photograph it without difficulty unless you're a Methodist. Maybe Mr. Wesley doesn't mind lapsed Buddhists taking his picture either?

The whole reason we went to Savannah in the first place, a visit to Juliette Low's Birthplace.

Lulu learning about Victorian era clothing, and how difficult it is to sit when you're wearing a bustle.

Dolphin Magic! They chased our boat for several miles up the Savannah River. It was amazing.

Writerly note: This is Flannery O'Connor's Birthplace. :) It wasn't hard to find...

My Birthday Girl. Lulu's 12th birthday just happened to be the day we went to the Juliette Low house, and to Lady and Sons for dinner. (Not to mention the Ghost Walk after dinner!) The ENTIRE RESTAURANT sang Happy Birthday!

So thank you to the lovely people of Savannah. You might do everything a little slow for us Yankees, and you seem to fry everything in butter, but your city is gorgeous. We had a wonderful time, and are planning a return visit for a family vacation. Not on a bus.


  1. If they slept on the bus on the way back, it was a good time.

    1. We showed movies. I finally got to see Rango, which was cute. :) The important bit was that *I* was able to sleep on the bus!

  2. On a bus with teenagers?! You are one brave woman:) Loved the pics, especially the dolphin. I'm from San Diego and I miss seeing them in landlocked Colorado.

    1. Like I said, they are GREAT teenagers. Really well-behaved. And I grew up in Miami, and now live in Central Maryland. No dolphins here, either. But I love to see them when I get a chance.

  3. Flanner O'Connor's birthplace!? Ok, now I am jealous!!!


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