Monday, December 17, 2012

Untweetworthy, Part the Third

Once again, it's time for another installment of my semi-regular feature, Untweetworthy. Here I get to share some random thoughts that are either too long or too weird for Twitter (where I spend an inordinate amount of time as it is).

But first, I had a post up here on Friday night with my feelings about the atrocity of the Sandy Hook School shooting. All I'm going to say on that is something needs to be done. Mentally ill people are mostly non-violent, and I have enough trouble without having the label "Possible Mass Murderer" attached to me because I have a DSM code pinned to my shirt. Crazy didn't kill those children, a violent man with an assault rifle did.

Now that's out of the way, on to a little more pleasant stuffnfluff. Images courtesy of rage comics.

*Lulu was reading Tumblr over my shoulder the other day and suddenly spouted, "Hey, is that a rage comic? I love rage comics!" I replied, "You do?" "Oh yeah, they're funny." I see. (How can I make this event into a rage comic?)

*I took my laptop to a Girl Scout holiday event and hunkered down as far from the merriment as possible. Wrote 1500 words in an hour and a half. Sitting quietly alone at home, wrote 200 words in four hours


*I have now spent more time tracking holiday gift shipments than I spent purchasing those gifts in the first place.

*Morgan the cat seems to have figured out which present I labeled "To Lulu, From Morgan" and has taken it upon himself to sit only upon that gift under the tree. He might be trying to hatch it like an egg. He also removed the bow for more convenient cat butt placement. Also, he now knows that some of the ornaments on the tree are indeed breakable, and that breaking one causes terror when I come screaming and stomping into the room.

*I have been to the grocery store three times in the last five days. Once for the BIG SHOP. Once more for items forgotten on the big shop. And again for items forgotten during the first two shops. I still have a list with four items that I forgot to buy on ALL THESE TRIPS COMBINED. I should have made a list the first time around...or at least the second time. Definitely by the third.

*So MANY friends got new agents this week! All the joy, cheers, and happiness to Tamara Mataya and Marisa Cleveland, as well as Kelsey Macke and Jessica Sinsheimer on all the agenty collaboration! You know what this means, right? MOAR GOOD BOOKS IN OUR FUTURE, LOVELIES!!!


 This brings us to the end of another edition of Untweetworthy. I hope you found it edifying, somehow.


  1. Fun. :D

    I have yet to do the BIG SHOP for the BIG MEAL, which means the post little-shops will all be on the dreaded weekend foray, unfortunately.

    I am almost recovered from Friday, which will help my productivity a great deal.

    1. I just got back from the Dreaded Weekend Foray, and it wasn't as bad as I expected. Orderly, calm shoppers made it nice, but I was hoping for a little more desperation and aggression. I am a people-watcher, and it's always more fun when they're poorly behaved. On the other hand, I got everything done in record time.

  2. Our lesser cat ignores the gifts and has instead been wrapping herself up fully in the tree skirt, then attacking the other cat from within it.

    But three trips and four groceries still unpurchased...That's got to be some kind of record, right? You deserve a prize. (In a fitting tribute, the prize would be two of the missing items.)

    1. I don't need two of those missing items. Can I trade them in for chocolate truffles instead?


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