Friday, November 2, 2012

Campity Campity Camp

Sorry if everyone is completely bored with my camping adventures. But I'm going camping again this weekend for the third time in two months. This time will be different, though. It's the official camp certification training for the Girl Scouts. After this weekend, I will be an officially certified camp leader. Be afraid.

It's almost redundant for me to have to do this, but it's a requirement, so I have to go. Even though its freaking cold outside and I'd rather sleep in my own cozy bed than in a sleeping bag on a wooden deck. I'd rather have my stove, my fridge full of nummy food, and roast marshmallows in my fireplace rather than over a fire pit in the mud.

And I'd rather stay home and write, with my electricity and my internet, than try to read by a tiny book light while I attempt to prevent frostbite, and likely pass out from sheer exhaustion before I finish a single page.

The things I do for my kid.

Since I'm the only one in my training group with any experience camping with Girl Scouts, I left most of the planning to the others. It should be an interesting, likely costly, experience.

We normally spend about $6-$8 per girl for food for an entire weekend. We do this by shopping in bulk, eating on the cheap, and understanding that camp is not the place for gourmet meals. Judging from the menu that the food coordinator prepared for us, I may be paying three times that much for my share. She is a nutritionist for a living, and the food will be fantastic, but I think the others in the group will be schooled. I enjoy fancy-schmancy name-brand food as much as the next person, but camp is more a place for Costco discounts than Whole Foods premiums. And that's half the fun of it.

So off I go. I have a billion things to do today, including chopping up candle stumps to make fire starters, restocking my first aid kit, and making sure I pack extra socks. I also have to complete the two page camp quiz, which I likely should have done before today. O_O

The camp site where I'll be staying may have sustained some Sandy-related damage, too. It's right down by a river, and it's muddy even when it hasn't been pouring rain all week. Hopefully I won't sink into the mud and disappear forever.

So to anyone who tries to reach me this weekend, I will return calls, emails, texts, and tweets, but it might be Sunday before you hear back.

Anyone else have anything more interesting planned for the weekend? I'm dying to hear about your non-damp, non-freezing activities. Sort of like watching Hawaii 5-0 during a snow storm. Keeps you feeling warm. :D


  1. Best of luck at Camp Quicksand this weekend! May your socks be thick and plentiful, and your book light batteries last well into the night.

    1. Thanks! I have extra batteries, but the problem is I'm usually so tired at camp I fall asleep before I actually get any reading done!


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