Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Serious Character Research. Ahem.

I've been inspired to do some serious research into my characters today. Well, yes. It is serious. I know, I know. It's so hard to keep looking at all these beautiful people, but somehow I've managed to muddle through... And I thought I should share some of the success stories I found.

I found some good visual references for some of my main characters. Some of them improved with suggestions from the peanut gallery. If you have anyone you'd like to nominate for consideration, please let me know. I'm open to more of this sort of research! :)

Thalia Drake, the dragon masquerading as a werewolf. Born in Ancient Greece, I originally pictured her more like statues of Artemis than like a modern-day human being. But then I saw this:

Tonia Sotiropoulou
Just give her grass-green dragon eyes, and you've got it.

Now on to Mal. Oh, how did I ever survive this research! Mario Lekkas, who is now Mal in my head... and yes, he merits at least two pictures. Shut up.

And how about Henry, the mild-mannered guy with the eyes of a predator:

And Ellen, sweet and innocent on first meeting, but she's persuasive and powerful.
I could do this kind of research all day, but for some reason, my family expects to be served dinner. I guess they don't understand how difficult this has been for me today. *Sigh*

Characters I still intend to find faces in the real world for: Donna, Allen, Wil, Kerry, Hannah...and probably a few more, too. :)

Right now, I have to go make food. Enjoy! :)

***DISCLAIMER: I removed most the photos from this blog entry because I don't want to get sued. It's sad that fair use doesn't include properly attributed photos used in a positive way. But it doesn't. The only photo I left is from Wikipedia Commons, which I am pretty sure is public domain. Crossing my fingers.


  1. Wait a sec... are you calling me the peanut gallery?! *feigns outrage* :P

    1. You're sitting in the good seats. The peanut gallery was over on the couch (Helper Monkey and Lulu).

  2. BTW, we're now spelling it, MMMal. :D


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